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We bring decades of experience of working in our chosen sectors of the development world. This enables us to readily understand our clients key objectives and priorities and to quickly analyse the optimum development potential of sites. We are then able to work closely with clients to produce a range of concepts and test their feasibilities. Once a definitive project brief is established we lead the team to produce solutions that both meet our client’s functional requirements and also, achieve our client’s chosen balance between the competing factors of quality, cost, and time.

We aim to act as an effective extension of our clients’ organisations.

We are hands-on leaders who inject flair and energy into all of our projects. We believe that regular informal but targeted design workshops with leaders of the main firms within the wider project team is the key to unlocking the best design solutions.

We ensure a strong awareness of the agreed cost-plan within the design team in developing the design through all its stages, which avoids the need for wasteful value-engineering and time-consuming redesign.

We produce a pre-contract design programme which is agreed by all members of the team and which we closely monitor.

We are strongly committed to the early involvement of contractors and specialists in the design process to ensure that the evolving design is economical and affordable.

We subscribe to the belief that if the entire project team works together in a collaborative way the whole process becomes more creative and the team-spirit that is generated leads to higher standards being achieved and fewer mistakes being made.