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The firm was founded more than fifty years ago and grew to be 300 strong – the fifth largest architectural firm in the UK.

From the outset, the firm saw the advantages of working with developers and contractors to gain the advantages of more closely integrating design with construction – often involving a high degree of off-site prefabrication of components.

After working with the leading developers on exciting and fast moving projects the firm now leads project teams and integrates construction expertise into the design process to work collaboratively with the design consultants and encourage more integration within our construction industry.

Integrated working helps minimise time, reduce risk and waste, and enables the team to focus on grappling with the pressures of rapidly rising construction costs and the need for a sustainable and “long-life – loose-fit” approach to design in response to the challenges of climate-change.

Tim Hamilton and Robert Emery lead the architectural design and design management team in the UK, while our construction documentation team is based in Delhi. Information technology eliminates any distance between individual members of our wider team. Technology also enables our UK team to work and communicate on screen from wherever proves to be most convenient. We maintain a meeting facility in London.